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The Jefferson County Health Center Auxiliary supports the needs of the hospital, the comfort of the patients and their families, and to give scholarships to individuals pursuing a health related career.

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We bring the specialists to you! No need to travel to Burlington, Ottuwma or Iowa City to see a Specialist. Many of them see local patients in our Specialty Clinic located on the Jefferson County Health Center campus.

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This hospital is like an oasis in the middle of the corn fields.

Michelle Kueber is a 25 year old patient of JCHC Professional Clinic Surgeon Dr. Gregory Ivins.

Michelle has had Meralgia Paresthetica since she was a child. The leg pain associated with the disease progressively got worse as she got older and for the past few years the pain and the pain medicine has limited her mobility and her lifestyle. She was beginning to fear for her future. Her research on the disease indicated that many people with this disease eventually become wheelchair bound.


Michelle Kueber July 2014

After seeing numerous doctors in Indiana and being unwilling to resort to a life of ever increasing doses of pain medication, Michelle with the help of her mother Debbie began searching the internet for answers. To their surprise and delight they found a paper written by Dr. Gregory Ivins on the treatment of Meralgia Paresthetica.




At Jefferson County Health Center, you'll find physicians who have advanced training and extensive experience in many health care disciplines.

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