"Jefferson County Health Center has a phenomenal, well-trained staff." Robert Huebner, patient

Thank You Jefferson County Health Center

Though Robert Huebner has family who work in the medical field, he is an admitted “medical procrastinator.” Consequently, he was in serious condition by the time a recent illness sent him to the JCHC Emergency Room. But thanks to the life-saving efforts of Dr. Goodwill and the ER team, Robert is now on the road to recovery.


“A Small Town with a BIG – Great Hospital"

Fairfield resident Terry Derby was recently diagnosed with diabetes and prostrate cancer. He had this to say about his treatment at Jefferson County Health Center:

Gastrointstinal Bleeding

“After leaving the University of Iowa hospital I was fortunate to be able to continue my rehab here at JCHC. Every department – from the time you walk in at the front desk, to Physical and Occupational therapy, to the dietary department and the entire nursing staff – was wonderful. A special thank-you to Jennifer in Speech Therapy who was so kind and caring.”


THANK YOU, Jefferson County Health Center Staff, ER Department and Dr. Goodwill for saving my life

On November 20, Chris Johnson of Fairfield began to experience gastrointestinal bleeding while out of town. Fearing a long wait in a Des Moines hospital emergency room, he made the decision to travel back home to Jefferson County Health Center

Gastrointstinal Bleeding

Though the JCHC ER was busy that day, Dr. Goodwill and staff were able to examine Chris within fifteen minutes. The exam proved his condition was more serious than he had originally thought.


When it comes to a stroke, Remember FAST


Linda Stallone May 2014

"Thank you JCHC for the correct diagnosis and the immediate treatment of my stroke.  When time was of the esssence they worked professionally and efficently to get me the drug that  preserved the quality of my life ." 

If you have any of the following symptons, note the time of the day, and go immedialty to E.R.

Remember FAST.  Facial drooping. Arm weakness. Speech difficutly. Time.

I Experienced a Life-Threatening Heart Attack.

Heart Attack

My daughter Lori contacted the Jefferson County Health Center emergency room to let them know I was coming in. My good friend Bill Moore quickly came to my aid and drove me to the hospital.


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