Jefferson County Health Center Lifeline® Program

Help When You're Alone

If you are homebound and have an emergency, the Jefferson County Health Center Lifeline program can summon the help you need within precious minutes.

Lifeline is a personal emergency response service that has helped and even saved lives. Lifeline users, often those with physical handicaps or elderly individuals who live alone, live more independent lives because of the Lifeline program.

How It Works

Lifeline subscribers are able to easily and quickly call for help 24 hours a day by pushing a help button worn as a small pendent around their necks or on their wrists, thus activating the Lifeline communicator. Calls are received by Philips Lifeline Monitoring Center's highly trained certified personnel who will speak to you and determine the kind of assistance you need. If we are unable to reach the caller's designated relative, neighbor or friend, emergency personnel are dispatched to the caller's home at once. The program is available for a small fee.

Call Lifeline at 641-469-4365 to begin living life with greater freedom, confidence and peace of mind.

Lifeline is there when you or your loved one needs it the most.