COVID-19 Vaccine Update

We are excited to announce, similar to last week, Jefferson County Public Health has distributed Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to Jefferson County Health Center (JCHC) for the public. Our understanding is this will be an ongoing weekly process. The quantity of vaccines we receive may vary, with the goal of us receiving more.


We will follow the same process we set forth for vaccine administration last week. The current criteria from the state of Iowa requires vaccinating individuals must be aged 65 years or over. In addition, JCHC has identified individuals at high risk by utilizing the COVID-19 Risk Score. JCHC will contact these individuals to schedule them for vaccines. All vaccines will be given within the next 7 days.


We are continuing our efforts to update you on COVID-related information. We will continue to communicate through KMCD/Classic 96, JCHC Facebook,, and 641-469-4180.