What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is a professional service to restore, regain and enhance independent functioning. The adaptive ability of a human being may be interrupted through biological, psychological or environmental factors. Occupational therapy intervention facilities maximize independent living of the individual. Individuals, who have lost skills due to illness or through trauma, can be expected to either regain these skills through practice or learn compensatory strategies in order to be as functional as possible.

Procedure for Referral

You may be referred to an occupational therapist by your physician who has done an evaluation and feels that you may benefit from occupational therapy.

Your Therapist's Role

Your therapist's role is to evaluate your present condition and set up a treatment program specifically designed to meet your needs. This treatment plan will be carried out by his/her Occupational Therapy Assistant. Both individuals will educate you about your specific problem and provide you with written home exercise program

We feel successful when the patient:

  • Has minimized aggravating symptom
  • Is able to function as independently as possible in activities of daily living and/or recreational activities
  • Has the knowledge and tools to avoid further symptoms independently

Areas of Expertise

The staff offers expertise in the following areas to improve overall function:

  • Use of selected activities in increase upper extremity strength, range of motion, coordination, dynamic balance
  • Perceptual-Motor Activities to improve perceptual skills
  • Activity of daily living skills and home management training with compensatory approaches
  • Splinting: To rest inflamed joints
  • Soft-tissue mobilization to address acute and chronic pain syndromes
  • Use of pain management modalities (ultrasound, fluidotherapy, iontophoresis, electrical stimulation, hot and cold packs)
  • Use of visualization and guided imagery for pain control
  • Home safety evaluations
  • Job-site evaluations/recommendations to decrease work injuries
  • Postural and Movement re-education