The JCHC Clinics is located in the Hite Medical Clinic in the north wing of the Jefferson County Health Center.    

They specialize in Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal and Integrated Medicine.

Hours are:

Monday - Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm,

Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am - Noon

JCHC Clinics Specialists:

Sarah Brecount, ARNP, FNP-BC

Jim Buck, MD

Nancy Cox, CPNP

Terry W. Cochran, MD

Gloria LaFollette, ARNP, DNP

Michael J. Greiner, MD

Joni Hanshaw, ARNP

Sebastian M. Harris, MD

Emily E. Helling, PA-C

Donal D. Hill, DO

Nilfar Karimova, MD

Dave Larson, MD

Mary McClenathan, ARNP

Michael Poole, DO

Michael L. Schleicher, ARNP

Leah M. Steffensmeier,  M.D.

For an appointment please call 641-472-4156 and/or 641-472-4141.