JCHC Board of Trustees Completed Board Certification

Jefferson County Health Center’s Board of Trustees has recertified under the Iowa Hospital Association’s (IHA) Hospital Board and Trustee Certification Program. JCHC earned a three-star rating for completion—the highest rating available—which signifies that 100% of the board completed the recertification process.

“The hospital board guides us in fulfilling our mission to optimize the health and well-being of the people and communities we serve through patient-centered, high quality, and compassionate services. Our board’s dedication and participation in this IHA program is a testament to the responsibility they take in fulfilling their role,” said Bryan Hunger, CEO of JCHC.

The IHA’s certification program helps hospital boards use governance best practices, promote the coordination of care, and deliver the best use of resources. As a result, this shows to community members the hospital board:

  • Understands and embraces the need for governance accountability
  • Governs according to a standard of excellence
  • Is committed to coordination of resources in their communities
  • Embraces community accountability and transparency
  • Structures their community benefit and outreach programs to meet identified community needs
  • Utilizes data from IHA to identify and address areas of need, especially regarding the uninsured and underinsured
  • Utilizes performance data to identify opportunities for improvement and monitor progress that improves quality and safety
  • Integrates local health efforts with state programs

The JCHC Board of Trustees includes Merlin Miller, Greg Hanshaw, Joneane Parker, Julie Greeson, Trent Hammes, Bob Keller, and Renee Rebling. The board was recognized during IHA’s Trustee Awards Ceremony, held in Des Moines on Friday, April 22.