The Jefferson County Ambulance Board met at 2:00 PM in the JCHC Board Room with the following board members present: Julie Greeson; Paul Gandy; and Dee Sandquist. Also present: Bryan Hunger, CEO; Larry Peach, CFO; Nanette Everly, Board/Med Services Mngr; Staci Worley, ED Manager; John Morrissey, Lee Dimmitt; Care Ambulance – Bob Libby, Judy Heisel, and Damien Wimmer.


Julie opened the meeting at 2:00 PM.


Paul noted that according to the 28E agreement we can have an election of officers on a 2-year rotation. After discussion, Paul moved and Julie seconded for Paul to become Chair at the next meeting and Julie will move to Vice-Chair.  Motion carried unanimously.  


Dee was welcomed to the board the Jefferson County Supervisor representative.


Paul moved/Dee seconded to approve the agenda. Motion carried unanimously.  

Paul moved/Julie seconded to approve the 10/21/20 meeting minutes. Dee abstained since she wasn’t on the board at that time.  Motion carried.   


Ambulance Service Update. Reports were handed out confidentially to board members. Let them know if there are other reports/data the board would like to have.


Larry handed out FY21 financials that showed actual numbers through December 2020. Nothing substantial has changed. Estimated FY21 ending fund balance is $78,387.48.  


Julie asked for other business:

  • Information Sharing

-          Lee - Fuel Tax Exemption – Nanette has been in contact with the state and this is not an option.

-          John gave an update on the law suit and where we are at.

-          Board reported that all comments from community have been positive and things are going well.

-          Bob offered a ride along for board members to see how the operation runs.

  • Ambulance Repair Services

-          Questions about who pays for what and what businesses to use around town.

-          Recent tire wear problem was due to being unaligned. This has been taken care of and the other truck will be taken in for alignment. JCASA will be paying this bill. Iowa Tire is the local dealer we will use.

-          Bob explained that they do and are required to do daily checks on all trucks before they go out. Logs are completed and are ready for state inspections.

-          Damien will check with dealers around town to see who is able to work on these larger engines and other repairs in these trucks.

-          Julie will touch base with Kevin about where warranty work has to be done.

-          After discussion, Bob and Julie will work on a list for scheduled, periodic, and routine maintenance including how often these things are completed; the local business that will be used; and if JCASA or Care will be responsible for costs.    


  • Care Ambulance Insurance Coverage

-          Tom Gamrath had worked with Bryan/Larry to make sure the details on the certificate were what was needed to protect everyone. Bob was able to get this completed. Comfortable with current coverage.


Dee moved/Paul seconded to adjourn meeting. Motion carried unanimously.


Next regular meeting date is set for April 21, 2021 at 2:00 PM.


Meeting adjourned at 3:02 PM.

Nanette Everly, Board/Medical Services Manager