Make Water Safety Your Priority

Summer is the perfect time to explore, and there’s nothing more fun than spending time in water. No matter if it’s in the ocean, lake, creek, community pool, or tub in the backyard, playing in the water may help children grow and develop in these essential ways.

tips  Safety Tips  

  • Don’t leave your child unattended, even for a second, near water — including bathtubs!
  • Have all caregivers become trained in CPR in case of an emergency.
  • If you have a pool cover, ensure it is completely removed before swimming and do not allow your child to walk or crawl on it.
  • Enforce rules around the pool. Children should not run near the pool or push others underwater.
  • Make it clear that some activities, like bike riding, should not be done near the water.
  • Flotation devices are not a substitute for supervision. Always stay within an arm’s length from baby.
  • Life jackets should always be worn when riding on a boat.
  • The AAP says children are not typically ready for formal swim lessons before their first birthday. But remember: swimming lessons are meant to increase a child’s comfort level in the water but do not replace caregiver supervision!