JCHC Partners With First Baptist Church to Publish Books For Children

Books for Children

Written by Tess Hedrick, KTVO Reporter

First Baptist Church in Fairfield and Jefferson County Health Center have teamed up to create, illustrate and publish their own local books to give to children at the health center.

The idea was presented to John Rathbun and Lisa Greenig of First Baptist Church by their dear friend that had been diagnosed with cancer and had been working with children all her life.

The dream of providing these inspirational books to kids was made a reality when local publisher Rodney Charles from First World Publishing volunteered his services.

“We as adults so often times, we struggle with these challenges in life. I don't care if it's medical or what it is. We all struggle so there's a child in all of us and so what we understand is we struggle with these medical challenges as she is. We can also understand how challenging, how difficult it is for children - scary and so these books and through what she’s experienced. She’s enabled to understand that if adults are scared, imagine how scared kids are,” said John Rathbun.

The books are available at the First Baptist Church in Fairfield and at the JCHC Auxiliary Gift Shop located in the Jefferson County Health Center.