Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccination

Question-Why Do I Need Two Doses of the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Answer-With the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine it is recommended you receive 2 doses to have 94-95% EFFECTIVENESS of the vaccine.  It is also important to receive your second dose on time.  According to the CDC, there have not been studies conducted past 6 weeks between doses.  The recommendation is 28 days.  Once a vial of vaccine is opened, we have 6 hours to administer 11 doses to prevent waste.  This is why you are given a return appointment for your second dose.


Question-Why do I still have to wear a mask after I receive the vaccine?

Answer-We know the vaccine is 94-95% effective.  We don’t know how long protection lasts for those who are vaccinated. What we do know is that COVID-19 has caused very serious illness and death for a lot of people. If you get COVID-19, you also risk giving it to loved ones who may get very sick. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is a safer choice.

Experts are working to learn more about both natural immunity and vaccine-induced immunity. CDC will keep the public informed as new evidence is available.


Question-Is there new quarantine guidance for people who receive the vaccine?

Answer: Yes, vaccinated persons with an exposure to someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 are not required to quarantine if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • Are fully vaccinated (i.e., greater than or equal to 2 weeks following receipt of the second dose in a 2-dose series, or greater than or equal to 2 weeks following receipt of one dose of a single-dose vaccine)
  • Are within 3 months following receipt of the last dose in the series
  • Have remained asymptomatic since the current COVID-19 exposure


Hospitalized individuals and individuals residing in a nursing facility are still required to quarantine after an exposure.

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