This month, 77 Iowa hospital trustees and 21 Iowa hospital boards were honored at the 2024 Iowa Hospital Association Governance Forum, an annual education conference for hospital trustees and governing boards.

We are proud to announce that the Jefferson County Health Center board of trustees received a three-star certification. This certification provides a framework for hospital trustees and governing boards to demonstrate their individual and collective commitment to their governance roles and responsibilities. It comprises education and governance best practices.

All board trustees including Merlin Miller, Greg Hanshaw, Joneane Parker, Julie Greeson, Joe Stever, Bob Keller, and Angie Atwood, were newly certified or recertified at the event. Trustees meet the certification requirements after completing 12 hours of health care-specific education over two years and confirming individually and as a board that recognized governance best practices are being used.

This achievement underscores the unwavering dedication of the Jefferson County Health Center's board of trustees to upholding excellence in healthcare governance. As Merlin Miller, board chair, remarked, "Being a trustee means being entrusted with the community's well-being. It's not just a duty; it's a privilege and a responsibility." Indeed, their commitment to continuous learning and adherence to governance best practices exemplifies the highest standards of leadership in healthcare.

The IHA Board Certification Program reinforces board members' staying informed on the pressing health care topics of the day – finance, quality, compliance and technology – while formally committing to good governance practices. As trustees for urban and rural hospitals across Iowa, board members are obligated to the success of their organization and the welfare of the communities they serve. These steps demonstrate to employees, physicians, businesses and other stakeholders their commitment to serving the best interests of their communities.

The Iowa Hospital Association is a voluntary membership organization representing the interests of hospitals and health systems to business, government and consumer audiences.