JCHC Nurse Receives Outstanding Nurse Leader Award

Staci Worley Headshot

When Staci Worley goes to work, she knows to plan for the unexpected. That’s what happens when you manage an emergency department for nearly 15 years. Still, she was definitely surprised when she learned that she was going to receive the 2021 Outstanding Nurse Leader Award from the Iowa Organization for Nursing Leadership (IONL).

“I got the email and had to read through it two or three times to make sure I was understanding it correctly,” Worley said. “I was honestly shocked to find out I had been chosen to receive this award.”

While Worley may have been surprised, others at Jefferson County Health Center (JCHC) weren’t. That includes Jacque Bookin-Nosbisch, Chief Nursing Officer.

“As our Emergency and Education Manager, Staci is an exceptional nursing leader at JCHC. She always leads by example and serves her staff with a servant leadership philosophy. Staci is a shining example to follow for everyone in the nursing profession. We’re so happy for her and she is truly deserving of this honor,” said Bookin-Nosbisch.

Worley was officially recognized and received her award during the Iowa Hospital Association Virtual Annual Meeting the first week of October. Only one nurse across Iowa receives the Outstanding Nurse Leader award each year. Recipients demonstrate outstanding achievement in nursing management and nursing leadership.

Worley has been with JCHC for 17 years, and in healthcare for nearly 20 years. She graduated from Mt. Mercy College with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, and is a Registered Nurse. In addition to leading the emergency and education departments at JCHC, she sits on several committees to organize emergency services throughout Jefferson County and maintain disaster preparedness standards in the region.