JCHC Receives Robert F. McCune Endowment


JCHC Receives Robert F. McCune Endowment

Jefferson County Health Center (JCHC) is pleased to announce that the JCHC McCreery Cancer Center has been awarded the Robert F. McCune Endowment through the Legacy Foundation.

The Robert F. McCune Endowment was created to carry on the same tradition of compassion embodied by its namesake Robert McCune. The endowment’s purpose is to provide assistance for cancer patients, and local cancer facilities so that patients can receive cancer treatment close to home.

The McCune Endowment awarded the JCHC McCreery Cancer Center $9,200 to purchase fitness equipment and an oncology exam table. An additional $5,000 was awarded to help patients in need of financial support purchase lymphedema compression garments.

“The addition of the Total Gym equipment is essential for our ‘Strength After Cancer’ Program that is offered in our therapy department. This program helps participants recover the strength they may have lost during cancer treatment. This piece of equipment allows for patients to be able to do upper extremity strengthening exercises that were not able to be completed with current equipment. Also, the funding for lymphedema garments is a gamechanger as these garments are expensive and not well covered by insurance. Patients who meet certain criteria can now obtain these essential items” stated Hannah Losey, the Therapy Services Manager at JCHC.

 “The new motorized oncology exam table is very comfortable for patients to sit on as well as being safer as it can be raised and lowered to meet patient needs” stated Jeni Thompson, the Professional Clinic Manager at JCHC.

JCHC McCreery Cancer Center at Jefferson County Health Center is an outpatient medical oncology clinic that provides cancer care including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and support services for patients in Southeast Iowa. Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday from 8am to 5pm and Friday from 8am to 4pm. For more information contact 641-469-4144.