Jefferson County ACT Facts

Users of e-cigarettes, like JUUL, are 4 times more likely to become regular cigarette smokers than non-users.

E-cigarettes lead to nicotine addiction. It can be harder to quit than heroin or cocaine.

Using nicotine at a young age can rewire the brain to become more easily addicted to other drugs.

Nicotine can have long-lasting effects on brain development, making it harder to concentrate, learn, and control impulses.

E-cigarettes contain known carcinogens and many other chemicals whose long-term effects are unknown.

The FDA is investigating seizures, fainting, and tremors reported following e-cigarette use.

E-cigarettes, like JUUL, come in flavors that appeal to kids, like mango, cool mint, and fruit medley. Middle and high-school students say that flavor is a big reason they use e-cigarettes.

Despite its dangers, JUUL and other e-cigarettes, are heavily advertised as a safe alternative to smoking.

Vape ain't safe

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