Jefferson County ACT Facts: Providing the FACTS, to Keep OUR Community Informed

1 in 5 teens live with a mental health condition.
70% of youth in the juvenile justice system suffer from mental health disorders. (per US Department of Health and
Human Services)

Students either suffering from mental illness and/or having a parent who is suffering from mental illness are increasingly chronically absent from school.

Teens with mental health disorders are more likely than their peers to experiment with drugs and alcohol in a effort to feel better.

Adults should know the signs of youth mental health concerns:

  • Being Bullied: limited resilience often ticking bomb
  • Big Change in Personality: Attention seeker, now the quiet kid or vice versa
  • Sleeping/ unkempt- May need support services
  • Inappropriate drawings or expressions for their age: Elementary students drawing porn, students with violent drawings
  • Anger outbursts/Temper Tantrums: Throwing things
  • Abnormal amounts of crying or emotional outbursts
  • Withdrawal – not interacting/playing with others

We all should be ready to listen non-judgmentally and encourage appropriate professional support.
Looking for more information? Check out this source to learn more about the FACTS.
Suicide Prevention Hotline 877-404-4770