Public Notice: MCG Health Data Security Breach

MCG Health, a contracted third-party that provides patient care guidelines to JCHC, recently reported to us they experienced a data security breach. This breach did not affect JCHC computer systems. However, because patient information is shared with MCG in the course of delivering care, some JCHC patients are affected by their breach.

MCG Health determined on March, 25, 2022, that an unauthorized party obtained personal information that matched data stored on their systems. The personal information may include some or all of the following list: name, Social Security number, medical codes, postal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, and gender.

Affected patients will be receiving letters from MCG regarding this security breach. As part of their response, MCG is offering those affected two years of identity protection and credit monitoring at no cost. If you are affected and wish to receive this free monitoring, please follow the directions in the letter to sign up. 

For questions regarding this public notice, you may contact MCG Health at 1-866-475-7221. If you wish to contact JCHC regarding this matter, please call our Release of Information Department at 641-469-4430.